Our Values

Quality and Speciality
Environmental Sustainability

Here at a Kulture coffee, we stick to four values for great coffee.

Kulture Coffee only roasts the best in speciality coffee, but what exactly is speciality coffee? According to our friends, The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) it's about harmony, teamwork and dedication to standards, and that is what we aim for in every single roast. We may be biased, but we know what good quality tastes like, and we like to think we've hit it on the head. No matter your palette we have a roast to set your taste buds alight, one cup at a time.

We've all had a cup of coffee that felt like a bushtucker trial, slurping it down just to get it over with so we can move on with our day. We at Kulture want to make this a thing of the past; we believe a good cup of coffee can turn your whole day around, so why not make it personalised and delicious?

To know what makes a good coffee, we believe you need to understand what makes a lousy coffee. We never want your cup of coffee to feel like a chore, a task, a bitter cup of disappointment. We roast the best because we only want to drink the best, we love coffee. This commitment to quality translates into the delicate and velvet texture of our Brazillian roast, the fruity and chocolate notes and our Guatemalan and the zesty, floral flavours of our Ethiopian Sidamo.

The environment to us is everything, it's our livelihood and our home.

We work hard to keep an eye on our impact on the Earth, as the modern world shifts to be more environmentally conscious, we want to be the pioneers in the speciality coffee industry.

It gives us the gift to make a good cup of coffee, and it needs to be protected. We at Kulture Coffee want to do our part...and then some.

Our delivery bags are made from recycled plastics, we make all local deliveries by bike to reduce our carbon footprint. Our packaging entirely breaks down in any at-home compost bin so you can use the bags to grow whatever you want! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with what you've grown!

Sustainability is in our blood, all of our leaflets and promotional materials are printed on recycled paper, and nothing goes to waste. Our coffee grounds and chaff are placed into our own compost at the roastery, we practice what we preach here at Kulture! We not only want to make sure you enjoy your coffee but that you feel good while drinking it. You're giving back to the Earth that has given us so much, by sipping a cup of coffee.


We don't stop there either, an order with us puts food on the table for more people than you could realise so we think you should feel special. Every order placed is individually personalised with whatever name you want. You're valued to us, and we want to make sure we know you all by name! When you've picked your roast, (hard to choose isn't it?) enter in your name, and before you know it, you'll have received a beautiful bag of coffee, personalised to perfection. Our labels can be addressed to anyone making the perfect gift whether you're a coffee lover or getting into the world of speciality coffee.

Want to surprise your other half on Valentine's or start Christmas day right? We have the perfect gift for you. Handwritten and tailored, no matter the time of year to us, you're valued and unique, and we want you to feel it with every bag.

The beauty of coffee is not just the taste but the power it can give you. The fuel to keep your productivity flowing and push through that 3pm slump. We offer a range of wholesale and office supply packages ideal for any business wanting a supply of fantastic coffee to make the day run smoother.