Ethiopian Sidamo (Subscription)

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At Kulture Coffee we have perfected a roast profile on these beans to convey unique sweet lemon and floral flavours yet with a balanced acidity and body. Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself!

Ethiopia is thought to be the birthplace of coffee with wild growing Coffea Arabica being found in the forests of the Kaffa region. Ethiopia coffees are among the world's most varied and distinctive and at Kulture coffee we just had to make coffee from the Sidamo region part of our collection. 

Grown in the Sidamo region south of the capital, Addis Ababa, this is the most southern and most productive province in the country. The region is well known for having ideal climate conditions for growing coffee. This is all due to high altitudes, ample rainfall, optimal temperature, and rich soil.

Varietals: Heirloom
S.C.A Green Score: 85/100
Process: Washed
Roast Profile: Medium
Growing Altitude: 1500-2200m

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