Santa's Brew / Christmas Blend of 2021

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"Our 2021 Christmas blend has arrived! We're absolutely thrilled to present the second edition of our yearly Christmas coffee. We have taken coffees from Columbia, India and Brazil to create a delicious blend of speciality coffees to warm those cold winter mornings. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it" - Jake



50% Columbia Suarez (Washed)
20% India Gulehind Estate (Washed)
30% Brazil Santos (Natural)

Varietals: Typica, Colombia, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, SLN6, Chandragiri, Catuvai
Average S.C.A. Score: 83/100
Roast Profile: Medium

India Gulehind Estate & Muner Ahmed

Muneer Ahmed and his family have been growing coffee for 3 generations, after his father purchased their farm in 1972. The Gulehind Estate now spans 120 acres of farm land. This coffee is an Arabica Hybrid cultivated in India within the Chikmagalur district. With over 50kg picked everyday by mainly women workers, before being washed and dried on raised beds.

Columbian Suarez

Our Columbian coffee comes from the valleys of Suarez. The diversity of flavours across the region varies due to the goldmine of rivers cutting through the valleys, making this an amazing natural irrigation system which has given Suarez a great reputation when it comes to coffee and cane sugar. This particular variety is found at very high altitude and picked by smallholders and their families. Due to Global warming the area has seen a significant challenges but their commitment to quality remains very high.

Brazil Santos

Coming through the famous port of Santos in São Paulo, our beans travel a trade route over a century old in South American coffee production, fitting for its tradition as a naturally processed coffee in Brazil – dried inside the fruit, where the coffee cherry’s natural sugars intertwine with the bean for a glimmer of ripe sweetness without sharp acidity in the final cup.