Limited Edition: Rwanda Kinini Kinigazi

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The Kinigazi lot is a high-altitude separation that sits among the 633 farmers that share the Kinini washing station nestled in Rwanda’s Northern provincial district, Rulindo. 

Kinini means, literally, “this big thing right here”, where this big thing is the teamwork and collaborative efforts of producers to improve their lots alongside one another. By creating a network that introduces farmers to existing cooperatives and providing fertiliser where needed, Kinini’s program has seen the picking season getting longer and longer for the region.

On top of that, the program uses front-end, innovative satellite tracking that measures leaf reflection, so producers can deal with crop damage and pest infestation before it can impact the bean.

All this to say, the end result is a high-quality coffee hand roasted by us…

Our light profile brings homely currant aromas wrapped inside a dark anise chord which playfully dances against the keen caramel and honey edge that completes this roast.

A share of the money from the Kinini coffee goes towards the local non-profit organization, A New Beginning Rwanda, which funds a growing school as well as a health post that is now becoming a hospital.

Varietals: Bourbon Jackson
S.C.A. Green Score: 86/100
Process: Washed
Roast Profile: Light/Medium
Altitude: 1950 - 2200m
Producer: Kinini
Lot: Kinigazi